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Brantisky Robotics presents a simulation in which you may test your skills with our latest model, the Brantisky Robotics Security & Defense Robot Mark 12. ...

B-12 is an arcadey, single player, third/first-person action-platformer with roguelike elements and robots with plasma cannons for hands.

  • Shoot robots until they explode.
  • Get get shot until you explode (you're a robot, it's what you do).
  • Take other robots' weapons or pick up a bit of their leg and use it like a baseball bat (for bashing, not for hitting balls).
  • Explore randomly-generated levels that change every time you explode.
  • Break crates to find energy-cells and upgrades (which you lose when you explode).
  • Find and activate the teleporter to the next level before some other robot makes you explode.
  • More primary features to be announced and added as development continues (explodes).

ALPHA 0.0.3 features the first three (out of 12) procedural levels and the first four (out of 12) types of Brantisky robots that you will encounter in combat. The menus and some options are in-place, and everything is fairly polished. I've worked hard to create a solid foundation, but a lot of things are still missing (such as scoring/stats/leaderboards, kiosks, more variety in the levels, improvements to AI, mysterious hidden monoliths, etc).

CONTROLS: The default inputs are set up for an x-box controller or mouse & keyboard. You can view the defaults via the in-game menu, and all controls can be remapped in the input tab of the launcher. There are also in-game options to toggle crosshair, aim-assist, follow-cam, etc.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: TBD. The game is completely playable on my laptop (mobile ATI 7xxx GPU), and it runs over 200FPS on my desktop (i5, GTX 760). There are some basic in-game graphics options to help on lower-end machines. Please feel free to send me your specs and let me know how the game runs for you.

VIDEO MONETIZATION: I strongly encourage and appreciate the making and publishing of videos in which you are playing this game, as well as monetization of said videos.

This early release is free to download, but a donation of any size will receive access to all future/paid versions as well as a Steam key when the game is released there.


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Cool, an update! This game is even better than I remember (or because of the update:) Playing 1st person is a joy, and I like easily to be able to change to 3rd person view for e.g. platforming if you like. I like dashing and jumping, I hope more platforming elements in the future! Movement feels really good and its nice to see your legs and arms and all that while in 1st person. Embarassing to admit, but I couldn't beat the boss (in 1 try), last time I remember it was e-z peasy (difficulty setting might have been different though). Nice changelog by the way, I chuckled a couple of times reading it.

Although this game is very good and promising as I am already liking it very much, I hope you are working on Hoverbike Joust still? Or did you decide instead to focus on B-12 in the end? Man, I am waiting updates on Hoverbike Joust like the rising moon! I won't complain if you decided to focus on this instead:)

Anyways, I wish you tsemppiä, which seems to translate as fighting spirit/ spirit/ energy. Which reminded me, I am going to joust a couple of chumps now since I haven't done that in a while

New alpha (0.0.3) uploaded. First-person mode (optional) added! Lots of improvements! Detailed changelog in the readme.txt

New alpha (0.0.2) uploaded! This update adds difficulty settings & secondary weapons, and improves platforming-feel (less frustrating/unforgiving).