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Thank you for your interest in procuring Brantisky Robotics products. Due to high demand -- and sociopaths using Brantisky products for nefarious purposes -- I will require you to complete this simulation in order to purchase my robots. I do not apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

-Tonarsk Brantisky

B-12 is a tough, third/first-person action-platformer with randomized levels and relentless robots with plasma cannons for hands. It is inspired primarily by Mega Man X and modern rogue-lite shooters, although the mechanics differ somewhat from both of those.

While various weapons and gear can be equipped, the style and depth of the game lean toward arcade minimalism rather than full-on RPG complexity. B-12 is geared toward speed-runners and those who like to play in short sessions.

The mechanics are simple. Find and activate three switches in each of the 12 levels to power up the next teleporter. There are four groups of three levels with each group introducing a newer and more powerful generation of Brantisky robots. Can you make it to the final challenge and defeat 'evil' B-12?

Install instructions

Simply extract the zip file to a folder and run the executable.


B-12 v1.1.zip 83 MB

Development log


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Cool, an update! This game is even better than I remember (or because of the update:) Playing 1st person is a joy, and I like easily to be able to change to 3rd person view for e.g. platforming if you like. I like dashing and jumping, I hope more platforming elements in the future! Movement feels really good and its nice to see your legs and arms and all that while in 1st person. Embarassing to admit, but I couldn't beat the boss (in 1 try), last time I remember it was e-z peasy (difficulty setting might have been different though). Nice changelog by the way, I chuckled a couple of times reading it.

Although this game is very good and promising as I am already liking it very much, I hope you are working on Hoverbike Joust still? Or did you decide instead to focus on B-12 in the end? Man, I am waiting updates on Hoverbike Joust like the rising moon! I won't complain if you decided to focus on this instead:)

Anyways, I wish you tsemppiä, which seems to translate as fighting spirit/ spirit/ energy. Which reminded me, I am going to joust a couple of chumps now since I haven't done that in a while

Hi Tathendal, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond! Thank you for all the awesome feedback and for trying it out! =]

Hoverbike Joust is definitely still happening. However, B-12's development began before HJ, so I wanted to do things right and finish what I started. B-12 will be going into Early Access both here and on Steam within the next few weeks, and once I get close to finishing B-12, I'll start shifting work back over to Hoverbike Joust.

Wow that's great news, times two! Now I am REALLY waiting! (for both:P)

New alpha (0.0.3) uploaded. First-person mode (optional) added! Lots of improvements! Detailed changelog in the readme.txt

New alpha (0.0.2) uploaded! This update adds difficulty settings & secondary weapons, and improves platforming-feel (less frustrating/unforgiving).