0.0.42 Update


-Fixed bug where achievement for using the Maintenance Pad was given without actually making a purchase. (Thank you, @FPS_DB for the bug-report!)

-Added FOV slider to graphics options (derp! I really should've done this right away)

-Tightened movement controls to where momentum doesn't keep you moving when there is no movement-input. This doesn't apply when you're standing on slippery ice, of course. ;]

-Removed fish-eye camera effect. I'd had several reports of players just not being fans in general, then I realized it was messing with the position of mouse-clicks in the UI so it had to go. Stuff like that annoys me wayyy too much.

-As always, feedback on changes to these and any other aspect of the game are extremely welcome!!


B-12-EarlyAccess-0042.zip 74 MB
May 11, 2017

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