First new alpha in 3 years!

I am so very excited to present to you Hoverbike Joust's first alpha update in over three years! I'ts not a huge one, but it gets things going in the right direction:   Newer engine! Fancy ambient shading! Remap controls within the game! And finally a separate input for rolling left/right (a la Jet Moto)!

The next things I'm working on are: online multiplayer, bike/suit/color selection, more bikes & suits, a new arena, and two more tracks.  At that point I'll most-likely be starting up paid alpha/early-access -- and giving out a bunch of free keys in the process! Gonna need lotsa people on them servers for fun multiplayer! =]

Here's the change-log for alpha 0.0.3!

-----0.0.3 Alpha---------------------------------------------
-Updated engine to Unity 2017 LTS
-Disabled Unity launcher window
-Moved screen-res to options menu
-Implemented 'Rewired' to improve controller support/remapping etc.
-Implemented fancy ambient shading (optional, on by default - requires shader model 4.5 or higher)
-Changed menu colors again whynot?
-Added separate inputs for rolling left/right
-Added graphic for default control layout

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Jul 17, 2019 131 MB
Jul 17, 2019

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